Eröffnungsrede zur IAA 2007

Bitte beachten Sie auch den Videoausschnitt aus der Rede von Guy Hachey, Europapräsident von Delphi.

Frankfurt, Germany – September 12, 2007

Delivered by:
Guy Hachey
Vice President, Delphi Corporation
President, Delphi Powertrain Systems
President, Delphi Europe, Middle East & Africa

It’s wonderful to be here at such an important show for our industry and to be in such a glamorous setting. I have to admit that, given Delphi’s globally focused business, I’m much more familiar with airport runways than fashion runways. Believe me, this is a very pleasant change!

Some might say that the worlds of glamour and the automotive business are not so closely related. But, one look around IAA today shows that clearly is not the case.

Good design and styling has never been more important in winning new customers. And tailoring features – including technologies that address “green” or environmental challenges; driver and pedestrian safety; and communications, connectivity and security have never been more in demand by the companies that build today’s automobiles.

At Delphi, we have a long and successful track record in tailoring technologies to suit the price, performance and content that our customers want, and integrating them into their products.

You don’t have to take our word on that. The proof is right here with me.

Today, among many other displays, we are featuring our Engineering Vehicle Electric/Electronic, or EVE, concept vehicle. It is packed with many of Delphi’s latest technologies, which we’ve carefully collected in one elegant ensemble.

This innovative and drivable display includes the very latest Delphi components, consumer data connectivity systems, state-of-the-art connectors, a battery monitoring system and wiring harnesses created in accordance with “Bill of Design” guidelines.

EVE serves as a transportable display to allow our customers a transparent view of almost all the product ranges at Delphi.

There’s certainly more to tell you about EVE and each of its 50 technology packed features, but I won’t take the time to do that now.

Hopefully you can spend more time later exploring EVE’s technology with our experts.

This morning we want to give you a quick overview of our perspective on the major trends in the industry.

We will follow with a quick update on Delphi’s structural and operational transformation and finally tell you about the technology that drives our passion, fuels our growth, and forms the basis for the transformed Delphi to be a stronger, more capable company.

Throughout the exhibit you will see a vivid example of the New Delphi … with technology and people representative of our vision for the future. It all points to the direction where this company is heading.

To give you a better perspective on Delphi’s transformation, I would like to introduce Delphi’s CEO and President, Rodney O’Neal.

Delivered by:
Rodney O’Neal
Chief Executive Officer and President
Delphi Corporation

IAA is a great celebration of the international automotive industry, which is now more than 100 years old.

In those 100+ years, the automobile industry has grown globally to where it is approaching sales of 70m vehicles per year.

It is extremely clear that these 70m consumers are demanding and as a result, creating the emergence of three “mega-trends” that serve as the basis for next wave of automotive technology advancement:

Green Energy – That is, engine or powertrain management technology to help reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and minimize the environmental impact of vehicles;

Safety & Security – Which means technologies aimed at not just protecting vehicle occupants when a crash occurs, but actually proactive mitigation to reduce the possibility of a crash occurring;

And, third, Entertainment & Communications – to help seamlessly integrate the highly complex electronic world in which automotive consumers live, into the cars that they drive, so that time in a vehicle is more productive and entertaining.

These mega trends will create growth and opportunity for those automotive OEMs and suppliers that can meet these consumer demands.

As a global supplier, Delphi is – and has always been – a technology company and we are perfectly positioned with a product portfolio that addresses these mega-trends with the design, engineering and manufacturing excellence that global customers require.

Delphi’s product portfolio addresses these mega-trends in a number of ways:

Lets start with Green Energy – Delphi has a multitude of technologies aimed at this area
• ranging from multi-fuel engine management systems,
• sophisticated gas & diesel injection systems,
• cylinder deactivation,
• electronic variable valve control,
• electronic A/C compressors & alternative refrigerant HVAC Systems,
• we are continuing to develop Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology,
• and Delphi is providing electronics-based energy systems needed to power new hybrid vehicles.
Our hybrid control system solutions are exhibited here today.

The second major mega-trend is Safety – We manufacture
• safety control electronics,
• sensing systems,
• airbag components,
• and have developed a wealth of active safety technologies for the vehicle, such as pre-crash sensing,
adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, lane departure warning, collision warning, drowsy driver alerts, side interference alerts and back-up aid systems.
• We are also developing other non-automotive safety – such as electronics-enhanced infant car seats.

Finally, there is Entertainment & Communications – Delphi has provided the latest in entertainment and connectivity technology for over 70 years.
• We developed the technology that helped launch satellite radio…
• and, now, we are at the forefront of the latest innovation in in-vehicle entertainment, streaming video.
• We also offer a broad global portfolio of navigation products, antenna systems, as well as telematics systems.

You can see many of the mega trend solutions on our EVE vehicle and our other product displays the spirit of innovation is robust and thriving inside our company.

Even as Delphi works with its customers to transform vehicle use and the ownership experience, we have also been carrying out a transformation of the company itself.

The Delphi leadership team has embarked on a transformation to make Delphi
• leaner,
• stronger
• and even more focused on the product and the customer.

One part of the overall transformation of the company has been addressing the competitiveness of our U.S. business.

As you know, we filed for Chapter 11 restructuring in 2005 to achieve a competitive and sustainable U.S. cost structure. We have made considerable progress in this regard.

Last week, we signed a definitive settlement agreement with General Motors and filed a proposed Plan of Reorganization in the U.S. bankruptcy court. This is a major milestone in our transformation and a very visible sign of progress toward emerging from our Chapter 11 restructuring.

The publicly available plan of reorganization outlines our progress on the major elements of our transformation:
• addressing cost competitiveness of our wage and benefit structure in the US;
• settling all outstanding issues between Delphi and GM;
• streamlining our portfolio and manufacturing footprint;
• reducing overhead and internal operating costs;
• and solving our US pension plan requirements.

Notably, our emergence timetable calls for us to emerge from Chapter 11 by the end of the year.

Over the past 23 months Since October 2005:
• Our customers have rewarded us with $52 billion of new awards.
The majority or these new bookings are here in Europe, in Asia Pacific and In South America.
• We’ve had year-over-year record improvement in every operational key performance metric.
• We are maintaining our R&D focus and our innovation culture. In 2006, we committed $2.1 billion to R&D and engineering. We introduced 189 new products and technologies. Globally, we have averaged 1,800 patent applications annually in the last five years.

In a nutshell, the “New Delphi” is a technology-driven company, engaged in the research and development of game-changing systems and products, with a broad base of international customers in every market in the world.

Please take the time to learn more about the technologies on display here, those that are defining the New Delphi.

Now, I would like to bring back Guy Hachey for his views on Delphi’s presence in the growing European automotive market.

Delivered by:
Guy Hachey
Vice President, Delphi Corporation
President, Delphi Powertrain Systems
President, Delphi Europe, Middle East & Africa

Delphi is changing, getting stronger and is more than capable of addressing the major market trends … and the European market is a perfect example of that.

We have a diverse customer base, with no more than 15 percent of Delphi’s revenue in Europe coming from any single customer.

We continue to grow. In 2006, Delphi won $9.6B US Dollars in contracts with European customers, far more than our historical annual sales level.

Already, during the 1st half of 2007, Delphi Europe booked $5 billion in new contracts.

These new contracts are for many of the technologies that will be featured by our customers in future IAA shows.

But today the stars of the show are the new vehicle launches, where Delphi again plays a strong contributing role.

Among the products being introduced here at IAA, Delphi content can be found in city cars such as the new Renault Twingo, which utilizes Delphi’s state-of-the-art, low-halogen wiring system among many other of our technologies.

The new Peugeot 308, featuring Delphi’s column interface module, diesel engine management system, cruise control module and several other technologies.

The Fiat 500 has our electric power steering, and several electrical / electronics components including a USB consumer port for mobile device connectivity.

The Ford Mondeo, which contains our complete electrical and electronics architecture, plus numerous body electronics , switch and connector systems. This vehicle also features our innovative adaptive cruise control with forward alert system as an option.
And SUVs, like the Volkswagen Tiguan which utilizes our next generation audio system and passive occupant detection systems, plus several body control and security products.

We are also on the up-market models including the Mercedes C-Class which calls on Delphi for our complete electrical / electronics architecture and our diesel common rail engine management system.

That’s just a partial listing. You’ll find a full list of Delphi technologies on major vehicle launches in our press kit.

As Rod said, the real focus of the market is on the technologies of today and tomorrow that answer the requirements to be green, safe and connected.

Helping our customers deliver innovations that minimize the impact of the automobile on the environment is one of Delphi’s main products strategies.

Today, we are officially launching a new, high-performance Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) system, optimized for the increasing use of turbochargers and bio-fuels. Recent proprietary customer tests validate that it is the quietest injector on the market for their application.

For diesel engines, we are launching a new version of our proven common rail system, which will allow compliance with Euro 6 and U.S. Tier 2 Bin 5 providing the customer with a best value option to meet their needs. Delphi was the first to develop a solenoid injector that challenges the performance of servo piezo injection systems and the first to introduce closed-loop control for diesel.

This has helped Delphi to grow steadily to become the world’s second-largest supplier of diesel common rail systems.

Turning to our Thermal Systems portfolio…. An immediate concern of the industry is alternative refrigerants for automotive air conditioning systems. Delphi is currently developing several options below the 150 Global Warming Potential level, as requested by the European Union, including R-744 or carbon dioxide, R-152a and other refrigerant blends to help automakers meet the legislation in a way that is cost effective.

Delphi’s Steering team is unveiling fuel saving and performance enhancing new electric power steering systems here at IAA. New underhood pinion-assist and rack-assist systems join its well-known column-assist system. Delphi’s E-Steer offers customers installation simplicity, crashworthiness and increased fuel economy.

Also on the exhibit today within the E/E Architecture section is Delphi’s new ultra-thin-wall cable, recognized for meeting halogen-free requirements, superior performance, durability, smaller size and recyclability.

There are many other green technologies in the booth …too numerous to mention, but well worth a tour and discussion with our experienced technical experts.

Rod outlined SAFETY as a second mega-trend. Improving safety has always been one of the main concerns of the automotive industry.

At Delphi, we are actively working in this field and are developing a new generation of radar sensors used for smart or adaptive cruise control with stop & go, autonomous brake assist, pedestrian classification and collision warning. Delphi’s newest radar sensors will enable better performance at a lower cost.

Delphi reaches another milestone in Active Safety Electronics with the introduction of the Collision Detection System (CDS). This innovative active safety system will be introduced on the Volvo V-70, Volvo S80 and Volvo XC-70, shown here at IAA.

Finally, protecting human life means helping even after there has been an accident.

Our call systems technology not only offer connectivity for convenience purposes, but also integrate front collision sensors and airbag sensing and diagnostics module signals with a robust GPS and GSM module and backup antenna. This system enables automated calling and vehicle location data to help cut emergency response time.

Finally, we close our technology review with the last mega trend category, Communications and Entertainment.

Delphi’s sustained leadership in this area comes from widely accepted audio and video playback and reception systems. But customers want far more today….demanding the ability to bring their personal devices or their favorite entertainment programming into their car with seamless connectivity. We answer that challenge with several technologies on the booth today.

Delphi’s latest integrated entertainment is more than a radio and playback system. It offers multiple connectivity solutions including Bluetooth and USB connections for controls integration to simplify operation.

Mobile device integration poses a special challenge for antenna technology and Delphi captures all those signals without device proliferation. Our multiple input / multiple output antenna systems offer simplified packaging while covering multiple frequencies and all major device standards from GPS to 3G to Satellite Radio.

In the corner of the booth approaching the escalator, you will find a striking silver Mustang which already has as production features, Delphi’s award winning selectable color instrumentation, our ultrasonic intrusion protection system and body computer. We have extended these production features and added much, more.

Building on our existing integrated center control panel designs, the car features a dual zone concept with a dual view display and driver / passenger sensing. This creates a unique human machine interface for each user, yet with only one hardware set. You should have a personal demonstration.

Further, the Mustang is equipped with a 600 meter range bi-directional key fob with display and we have also integrated a digital TV system and camera-based rear parking assist to realize the full capability of the dual view monitor system.

You will find more examples of our controls and security capability in our exhibit, on the internet and in our press handouts.

Our extensive innovation pipeline is fed by 14 technical centers throughout Western and Eastern Europe. These are linked to Delphi’s global network of systems engineering centers …. Which number 33 in total.

We also have a significant portion of Delphi’s global manufacturing presence in Europe where we operate 54 wholly owned manufacturing sites and 8 joint ventures.

In Germany, one of the most important marketplaces for Delphi, we employ 5,000 people, nearly half of whom work in design and development.

Beyond our operations in Germany, we see great potential for supporting our European customers as they expand their activities in Asia and Central and Eastern European markets.

In the growing market of Eastern Europe, Delphi already has 21 manufacturing sites.

Delphi recently announced that it is planning to build 2 new plants to support growing demand for Electrical/Electronic Architecture in Tangiers, Morocco; and Diesel injection Systems at Iasi, Romania.

The point is, wherever our customers are growing, with the latest technology, Delphi is growing and is present to support them.

I hope you will take Rod’s challenge and let us surprise you with the breadth or our portfolio, the depth of our expertise and the value that we offer to automakers as they strive to reach the next technology plateau for addressing green, safe and connected mega-trends.

We have several subject matter experts on hand to answer questions and several members of Delphi’s senior leadership team present to talk with you after the press conference.

Ron Pirtle, is vice president and president of Delphi Thermal Systems;

Bob Remenar, is vice president and president of Delphi Steering.

I also mentioned our 5000 person German operations a moment ago. Michael Gassen, our Powertrain Division Sales and Marketing director was recently appointed lead managing director for our German operations. He is also here to speak with you about our operations in this country and around the world.

Thank you for your attention.

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