Delphi shows at the Agritechnica the halogen free cable

HANOVER, Germany – Delphi’s Halogen-Free Cable is one of the most significant innovations in automotive cable in years and offers the potential for even more significant applications in commercial and specialty vehicle markets. Touted for its halogen-free requirements, superior performance, durability, smaller size and recyclability, Delphi’s Halogen-Free Cable, which made its debut in 2007 can reduce both cable mass and harness diameter by more than 20 percent in automotive applications. Studies are under way for commercial and specialty vehicle applications.

Just as important as its superior performance and durability, Delphi’s Halogen-Free Cable is significantly greener, or eco-friendlier, than PVC and XLPE, both of which pose significant threats to the environment at the end of a vehicle’s life.

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